30 Days of Biking day 27: Miserable rainy coffee run

Nothing too exciting today. We didn’t make it out on the bike until the late afternoon and the drizzle was going strong. My husband seems to have hidden his rain jacket so I had to wear my own non-waterproof jacket. It held up to the drizzle, but it wasn’t as nice. I contemplated shortening our ride and just hitting the coffee shop/play area a block from home, but the boys made me stick to the plan of hitting the grocery store to replenish our Senseo coffee pods.

On the way home we stopped at the coffee shop because the weather was that miserable; I couldn’t handle the last block home. We dried out and snacked and played on the train table until we were ready to face that last block of drizzle.

Daily distance: 1.2 miles
Cumulative: 238.5 miles

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