30 Days of Biking day 7: Three-stop shopping

Another low-mileage day today. I had high hopes of trying my new longer route along the waterfront to get to the Seattle Center, but between the crappy weather and having to finish packing for an afternoon flight (to San Diego–yay!), I’m happy we got out for a real ride. This round, I’d really like to avoid any solo rides up and down the driveway just to say I got on my bike. Today’s trip was a quick three-stop shopping trip: pet store, mail store, drug store. I would like to point out that this would have been a big hassle with the car (no parking, lots of traffic, unhappy kids) and it was just a fun little jaunt with the bike. It probably took less time this way, too. Granted, I didn’t bother locking the bike at the mail store and we kept our helmets on at each stop so that kept things quick and less cold. We ended up timing things well and were out for a rare rain-free half hour.

The bike also trumps car these days because the poor baby thinks that every time we get in an automobile, we’re going to drive for three hours to Portland. Yesterday’s half-hour trip to Issaquah and today’s half-hour trip to the airport aren’t restoring his memory of short car trips, but I don’t think I can bring myself to drive him somewhere close just for the sake of taking a short drive.

Daily distance: 1.9 mile
Cumulative: 51.9 miles

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