30 Days of Biking day 6: Sololocal bike shop

Today was the first 30 Days of Biking “Solo Local” ride:

Every Wednesday in April is the Solo Local ride, where you venture off on your own to your favorite local establishment–by bike! This week, route your way to your local bike shop. Huzzah for local business! Use the hashtag #sololocal in addition to #30daysofbiking.

Most of today was cold and clear, but by the time we got out to the bike this afternoon, the rain drops had started. We rode up to Ride Bicycles to check out Endura rain jackets and talk about Xtracycles. And they’ve got an S.U.Velo in the shop now so the boys sat in the cargo box and on the back rack.

I was tempted to ride somewhere else afterwards, just to make the outing a little more interesting, but it was getting cold and dark so we kept it simple. Halfway home it started snowing! Or hailing…I’m not sure what to call it–it had the consistency of shave ice. Sleet?

Daily distance: 3.2 mile
Cumulative: 50.0 miles

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