30 Days of Biking day 4: Trail sherpa

I need a new messenger bag. I’ve been looking at various “real” messenger bags online, but they just don’t have a lot of compartments and I love compartments. I had hoped not to replace my Kalencom Urban Sling with another diaper bag, but they sure are compartment-y. Today’s plan was to ride to University Village to check out the diaper bags at Village Maternity and play on the covered play structure and indoor train tables.

A few minutes into our ride, a woman on a mountain bike asked me directions to U-Village. I invited her to ride with us. She lives on a sailboat in Ballard and only recently got a bike again. In fact, this was her first ride in a long while. I tried to talk her into getting fenders and then into getting a folding bike, but she claimed to be a fair-weather cyclist and was planning to take the bus home. I don’t need to point out this nice exchange never would have happened by car. And in my case, it wouldn’t have happened on the bus, either, due to the constant commentary of my copilots (“Look, Mama! Space Needle! Airplane!” etc etc etc). There’s still the occasional “Double bus with wires!” on the bike, but I discovered today that the three-year old is totally cool with me talking to someone else for a lengthy period of time. At Dutch Bike Co last week I was trying to talk to Fritz about an internal hub to make the hills easier (can’t wait for it to arrive and be installed!!!) and the 3yo head butted my leg over and over and over until I ended the conversation. Ah, toddlers.

I’m hoping to accomplish some “firsts” this 30 Days of Biking. Today’s first was biking in heels. I felt pretty fancy and I didn’t trip–big win because I’m pretty klutzy and haven’t worn anything with a heel in five years. I’m glad I got a chance to break out my $11 thrift store Via Spigas, but I think they’ll go live in the back of the closet again just to be safe.

I tried taking 5th up from the Burke-Gilman this time, but it was also too steep and I had to walk most of the block. 7th, though on the wrong side of the freeway, looks promising so I might give that a try next time I’m coming from the east. Hopefully these hills will be a non issue once I get my fancy new internal hub.

Daily distance: 4.6 miles
Cumulative: 46.3 miles

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