30 Days of Biking day 3: West Seattle by bus

I knew I shouldn’t have called yesterday “epic ride” because I rode even more today. I had so much fun on the Wallingford Spokespeople ride yesterday that I decided to do the West Seattle one today. I’ve heard that there is a lower bridge under the West Seattle Bridge that people bike over, but didn’t want to go looking for it on my own. The bummer of the timing is that the West Seattle Water Taxi begins weekend service next weekend. So I figured I could cross one additional item off my to-do list and take my first bus-on-bike trip. I didn’t want to also deal with my first transferring buses experience so we rode downtown to catch the 55. I used a practice bus bike rack a while back and re-watched the Metro Loading your bike on a bus video, but it didn’t go seamlessly. The baby hung out on my back just fine, but the big kid stood on the curb wailing as I tried to get the bike up on the rack. Fortunately a passerby ran up and helped me get its heavy backend lifted and we were on our way. It was nerve-racking watching the bike bouncing around. Maybe I should take the fairing off if we do it again. I’m glad we did it, but I think I won’t make a habit of putting the bike on the bus.

We made it to Alki Bike and Board in one piece and rode with the Spokespeople to Pioneer Square. I am so glad I planned ahead to only do half the ride because we had to drop down a huge hill to get to the bridge. We made it to Pioneer Square pretty quickly and no one was ready to stop for a snack (well one guy grumbled a bit about having to skip the bakery we paused next to) and I had mentioned I needed to continue north along the Elliott Bay Trail so the whole group came with me along the waterfront. I love Spokespeople! I think they headed back to Pioneer Square for snacks once we parted ways. I pushed on through the locks–and got the Fort to 27th to Commodore part right for the first time, woo hoo!

In Ballard I dropped the kids off at Dutch Bike Co to hang out with my husband and my bike-shopping friend and then headed up the road for a haircut. Afterwards, I rode home alone and it felt very weird–the bike was way too light and much too responsive. I was eager to see what it’d be like to ride up Densmore solo after yesterday, but I mistakenly turned up 34th so I missed the steepest first block. However, I discovered a cool fish-shaped bike corral at 34th and Woodlawn. I made it up Densmore just fine, but still think it’d be too hard with my 60 usual pounds of kids and toys on board.

Daily distance: 21.2 miles

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