Downhill returns

We ventured out into the cold and blustery afternoon to visit one of the open-on-Sunday libraries. Brandt wanted to go to the dinosaur (Ballard) library, but upon realizing how windy it was, I talked him into the rocky wall (Greenwood) library. I’ve learned to appreciate riding to uphill destinations so I can take it easy on the way back home.

Someone shouted “Nice bike!” to me from across the street. Last month I wouldn’t have known if she liked the Milano itself or the two Bobikes attached to it. Now I don’t know if it’s one of those or my lights and tinsel. So much to like!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about grocery shopping by bike. While any downhill return journey is nice, it feels imperative for a grocery trip. I can drag an empty bike trailer (I think) uphill to a grocery store, but I’m certain I can’t get a full trailer plus kids up any sort of slope. There are a couple grocery stores that fit the bill–QFC in Wallingford and PCC in Green Lake–but I just don’t like them. QFC is sucky and PCC makes Whole Foods look like a discount grocery outlet. The only solution seems to be moving to a pad downhill from Trader Joes.

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