Merry Christmas

We got some good stuff this year!

I got Dan a black Endura Luminite Jacket, Crew Red Star Wool SockGuy socks, and a black Knog Beetle rear light, all from Ride Bicycles, an awesome new bike shop very close to our house. I’m so excited to have another shop close enough to walk a broken bike to so I don’t have to deal with Gregg’s anymore.

I got myself the same SockGuy socks (how cute, matching socks!) and four pairs of socks at Sock Monster in Wallingford, two knee-high and two over-the-knee. Best purchase was red BACON socks on the mens side. Due to a production error they were left on the machine a bit too long and are a couple inches longer than they should be–over-the-knee socks for the price of knee-high. Score! I think the current run of TOFU socks also came out too long.

Brandt didn’t really get anything bikey, unless you count his new messenger bag (Thomas the Train soft lunch bag with strap). Why doesn’t Timbuk2 (or anyone for that matter?) make a toddler messenger bag? It’d be so cute!

Baby Rijder was handed down Brandt’s first balance bike, the Kinderbike Laufrad Mini. He can walk it around, but he doesn’t really fit on it yet. It doesn’t help matters that Brandt hitches a ride every time BR gets going. I don’t think they make a tandem balance bike. It probably wouldn’t work out too well, anyway. I’d like to keep the Mini inside so he can practice on it a lot, but it’s pretty stinky. Brandt’s Kinderbike Renner doesn’t smell, but this one’s rubber tires are very pungent.

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