Rain bags

I attempted to ride up 50th for the first time since it kicked my butt a year and a half ago. I made it up that time, but just barely. Today it was windy out so I was tired before I even got to the hill. I gave up just before the tunnel under Aurora and pushed the bike a block. I haven’t decided yet if this beats cycling twenty blocks out of the way for the mildest hill. I should probably time both routes so I can better compare them…but that would mean having to tackle the hill again.

Anyhow, we went to the Woodland Park Zoo and I discovered a ton of covered bike parking at the new West entrance. It’s great to have covered parking, but it’s still a bit of a walk from the entrance to the indoor Zoomazium play area so I’m not sure this will be a recurring rainy-day activity. I am tempted to see if I can bungee my little trailer stroller (umbrella stroller that fits in the Burley) into one of my baskets. That would definitely help matters.

At the Phinney Neighborhood Center, I couldn’t squeeze the bike into my secret dry spot so protected our seats with classy plastic bags and locked it up outside. I think I need to find some prettier–or at least matching–bags. I could even use this as an excuse to go shopping.

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