New helmets

I noticed cracks along the top of Brandt’s helmet the other day and decided it was time for a new one. As luck would have it, REI is having a sale on Nutcase Helmets “Little Nutty” kid helmets. Only the eight ball design were on sale, but there’s nothing better than basic black for coordinating with a Celeste Green bike. I got one for each boy even though Baby Rijder is a teeny bit too small for his.

We almost didn’t make it out today because the garage wouldn’t open more than two feet. But I was tough and laid the bike down and lugged it out. Unfortunately the boys used that extra waiting-around time to drag their pretty new helmets around on the ground so they’re already out of pristine condition. But we finally made it down to Lake Union Park for the floating farmers market.

On the way back up Stone a station wagon pulled up along side me and the woman driving said, “You must be Scandinavian!” happily. I think I burst her bubble when I said, “My mother was Dutch.” But she kept smiling and said they were a Danish family.

Helmet-wise, Baby Rijder wore a cap underneath on the way down, but pulled it forward on his head. So on the way back up I put it over his hood, but he was able to pull that backwards. He’s got a hat that fastens on tightly so that’ll be the ticket.

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