30DoB day 13: Phinney Ridge

I made my first attempt to reach Phinney Ridge today. I went a mile out of the way in hopes of finding a flat enough route, but I still had to walk half a block. I rode up 83rd, which would be my same route to Greenwood. I’m hoping I can explore a bit and find an even flatter way.

I’m loving the baskets even more today! I discovered I can safely fit my messenger bag (who am I kidding? It’s a diaper bag pretending to be cool by calling itself an “urban sling”) sideways on one side and fill the other side with toys, snacks, ring sling, and bike lock. I saw an Xtracycle parked at the Greenwood library as I huffed and puffed my way by. I have a feeling they were there by choice and not just on two wheels for the sake of 30 Days of Biking like myself. Those Xtracycle riders are pretty badass.

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