30DoB day 12: Orange Bike Parade

Best day today! We drove the bikes over to Marymoor to participate in the Orange Bike Parade, an event organized by the Hansje Brinker Guild to benefit Seattle Children’s Hospital. I knew it was a Dutch event, but I had no idea there were so many Dutch people in Seattle! Tons of Nederlanders with Dutch-speaking kids. It was so so cool. To make things even more authentic, it was grey and misty (but fortunately no real rain) and the six-mile ride followed the Sammamish River which looks a lot like a canal.

My bike decorations were pretty basic, but I did earn some street cred with the kids by mounting a Nijntje on the front. I am going to be on the lookout for orange pants for the whole family and orange decorations so we can really do it up next year. I got a couple compliments on my bike, but it was pointed out that it’s an Italian bike. The Dutch bike seats helped make up for that. Love it!

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