30DoB day 3: Space Needle

We normally take the bus to the Seattle Center, but it seemed like a good day to see what the bike ride is like. It’s not easy. The first 80% was familiar from our trip to the Center for Wooden Boats two months ago, but getting from the boats to the Space Needle was pretty sucky. Per Google Maps’ suggestion, we took Broad Street, but I wouldn’t call it a bike-friendly street and we stuck to the sidewalk to tunnel under Aurora.

At Bumbershoot Will Call a woman told me she thought taking Denny would be better. It’s great living in such a bikey city where one can turn to her neighbor in line and get bike advice. However, Denny Way wasn’t any better, but it did lead us to Dexter Avenue on which we noticed several commuting cyclists. It was a bit of a climb, but totally worth it. I think the hill might be a bit of a pain in the other direction, but it’s great for the way home. We’ll ride to Bumbershoot tomorrow, but otherwise I think we’ll stick to the bus for Space Needle visits outside 30 Days of Biking months.

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