30DoB day 2: Missed opportunity

Last night I wondered if I could make minimal use of the car during this month of extra cycling. I didn’t last long; I drove to the supermarket this morning. Leaving the store I saw a mom and daughter locking up a bike attached to our exact same double trailer (Bell Copilot Model A). That got me thinking that maybe it isn’t impossible to bike from Green Lake to the Greenwood Fred Meyer. I looked for a more bike-friendly route on the way home and happily noticed the cyclist “Green Lake this way” road sign on 83rd. Still not sure how to ferry to bulky stuff home.

Today’s bike ride was a 7-mile trip to the beach at Golden Gardens. We swung by the newly moved Dutch Bike Co on the way, but the boys didn’t want to go in, eager to get to the beach. It looks very nice from the outside so we’ll put it on the agenda for next week. I didn’t really want to show up there with my boring ol’ road bike and trailer anyway. I said hi to Fritz who didn’t recognize me which is proof that I should only roll in with the Bobikes.

The beach was big fun, but the amount of charred wood from bonfires mixed in with the sand made for a very dirty baby. The weather was excellent when we arrived so I convinced Dan to drive over and meet us after work. It started getting cold as soon as I hung up so we didn’t stay too much longer by the time he joined us. He drove the kids home and I rode with an empty trailer. Wow, what a difference! Hipsters and triathletes still blew by me on the Burke Gilman, but I was faster than normal and wonder if I might be able to hold my own by the time I ditch the trailer.

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