Cyclefest Outdoor Cinema + BikeMania

Tonight was Cyclefest “the biggest Tour de France-inspired festival on the West Coast” at Magnuson Park. The airing of the queen stage didn’t start until 9:15pm and I wasn’t sure we’d last until then, but I had high hopes of Brandt taking a huge nap and wanting to hang out late. Naturally, the nap wasn’t to be–even with swimming in the morning. We headed over anyway with plans to just stay a couple hours and check out the kiddie stuff at the BikeMania portion of the event. Surpise, surprise: both babies fell asleep in the trailer on the way over which made for a tired and grumpy Brandt when he woke up after less than an hour’s nap. It was really a shame because the bounce house was tiger shaped and he wanted nothing to do with it.

Brandt played some of the bike-themed kiddie carnival games and once Dan joined us after work, he cheered up considerably and had a blast watching the BMX riders do ramp tricks. Walking by the bike racks we saw a very intersting fixie with two chains, one on each side. I Googled it and turns out it’s for if one chain breaks the rider is not left without a way to slow down. Seems a bit excessive to me, but I guess it’s cooler than hooking up a brake.

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