Bobike maxi

It’s nice to be home! I was feeling worn out and hadn’t even planned to leave the house today, but to be slightly productive I called Dutch Bike Co. to see if they could install my new Bobike maxi. A very friendly contractor answered the phone and informed me they’re in the process of moving shop, but Fritz, the owner, would call me back anyway. Fritz said to come on over to the to-be-new shop and he’d take a look. Such service! So we headed over with Baby Rijder taking his first ride in the Bobike mini and Brandt in the single trailer with the Bobike maxi crammed in the storage area behind him.

Fritz took a break from the construction and hooked us up. Needless to say, Dutch Bike Co. is our new favorite shop. I can’t wait to visit the shop when they reopen next week. And apparently they sell Bobike products so if I need anything else I won’t have to order online. Somehow the conversation turned to helmets and he mentioned they’d soon be carrying Bern helmets. I have to say the Bern Berkeley white g flower helmet is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve been wanting a new helmet, but I’m not sure I’m hip enough for this one.

The ride home was great. And it’ll be even better once I get my back tire pumped up. Fritz warned me that I’m putting a lot of weight on the back (presumably because of the new bike seat and not because he thinks my butt is too big for my bike) so I need to keep an eye on my tire pressure. Baby Rijder decided he didn’t like my left hand on the handlebar and kept prying it off and Brandt thought it was fun to grab at my underwear from his new seat, but other than that it was great. I’m not sure where I’ll put all our crap once we lose the trailer so I think this city bike will be for little trips and the road bike with double trailer will be for beach trips. The Bobike maxi precludes sticking panniers on the back (just on this particular bike), but maybe there’s another solution out there.

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