U-District Street Fair

The boys and I spent the first half of this gorgeous day at the U-District Street Fair. We tried something new and bungee’d the umbrella stroller into the bike trailer and I’m so glad I did so because it got very crowded as the day wore on. I’m not sure we’ll hit this event again, but we saw some good stuff. The bounce houses weren’t free so we skipped those, but we watched plenty of musicians, a tap dancer, balloon artists, and not quite as exciting: saw some giant chicken the website made a big deal about and spotted Dave Matthews (I think–it may have been some other smelly-looking dude).

After we walking the entire street fair, we continued downhill to Gasworks Park to watch boats and sea planes. Dan was able to take a break from weekend work and join us for a bit, too. After biking back up Stone (nonstop–yay!), I was too tired to ride one more block uphill to get to the house, so Dan headed home and the boys and I went six more flat blocks to the Green Lake playground.

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