Burke-Gilman Trail

I thought this morning’s 3.5-mile March for Babies was exercise enough for today, but Dan really wanted to bike the Burke-Gilman Trail. I was worried about the climb back up Stone, but Dan wouldn’t let me whine my way out of it and said he could always leave me and Brandt at Gasworks Park and go home to fetch the car and retrieve us. Turns out I worried for nothing because Stone is not nearly as steep as 50th.

We just got a Burley bike trailer from Craigslist. It’s old (or vintage, if you prefer), but it works great. Dan pulled Brandt in the Burley and I was prepared to switch him to the Bobike if he didn’t dig it.

We saw a lot of cool stuff on our ride, including the very cool-looking Wallingford playfield park super close to home and the curious Wall of Death. Brandt missed it all in favor of napping in the Burley. We travelled east through Magnuson Park and back before Brandt woke up. On the way home we stopped at Tutta Bella for pizza and I am definitely going back when I can drink coffee because check this out: Caffe Cioccolato: Chocolate latte with Nutella, steamed milk and espresso. Yum!

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