Big wheel

Today coulda been so cool! Brandt and I were going to take the bus for the first time to go downtown to the Denny Park play area opening celebration, complete with face painting, balloon animals, and live band. It was also Seattle Yacht Club Opening Day with big boat parade, but due to the weather we skipped that, too.

I took advantage of the situation and napped much of the day while Dan and Brandt did who knows what. And I got a little outdoor time, too, taking Brandt for rides on his new (free!) bike at 7am and 4pm, in between rain showers. He doesn’t pedal yet, but he tries to now and again. And he loves pushing his way over obstacles, like the two cement curbs in the neighbor’s driveway. He loves this bike so (too) much that I’ve taken to leaving and entering the house through the back door so he doesn’t see the thing and insist on riding it.

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