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We rode to Cal Anderson Park in Capitol Hill to take part in the Cranksgiving bicycle ride this morning. I checked the “terrain” box on Google Maps and it didn’t look too hilly, but I had to push the bike the last four blocks. I should know better than to ride to any neighborhood with “Hill” in its name. I also never want to ride somewhere when the route crosses a street named Summit–especially if Summit isn’t even the top of the hill! I had considered biking to the University District and putting the bike on the bus (for the first time), but it looked like that would have taken twice as long.

But anyhow, we made it to the park and met up with 30 other riders to shop at a variety of grocery stores for non-perishables for the Rainier Valley Food Bank. I’m embarrassed to say we only hit two grocery stores and took the Light Rail Train to get to the finish line, but it still counts. Heading home (via the Light Rail) from the finish line, the boys got incredibly cold–Brandt started shivering and Baby Rijder hibernated (aka took a nap) so I called home for a pickup. Totcycle had the right idea clothing his two kids in snow suits today. But at least we finally made it to Uwajimaya and got invited to be part of a family fashion show come Bike Expo time. I knew these new boots would pay off! I’ve never owned boots before, but this is a classy city so I’ve stepped up my footwear.

Kidical Mass + Tour de Fat

I was able to get the kids and myself dressed, fed, and on the bike by 8:25 this morning. I was aiming for 8:15 so we rode quickly to Ballard Commons Park for Kidical Mass. I had really wanted to take the Bianchi/Bobikes, but I wanted the kiddos to have a chance to nap on the trail so it was good that I chose function over style and took the Specialized and double trailer. As always, there were lots of Xtracycles, but also a new cargo bike: the Bullitt Bluebird ’71. I also discovered a new fashion trend: shorts with long socks. Totally makes sense in cold weather. Though perhaps they were dressed up for the Tour de Fat parade. I’ll have to keep an eye out to see if it’s really a thing.

Tour de Fat wasn’t quite under way by the time we arrived at Gasworks, but I had to push on to Magnuson Park for a baby birthday party so I couldn’t stick around for the parade. Dan met us at the party with the car and I almost took the easy way out, but instead had him drive Brandt home while Baby Rijder and I went by bike. I thought we’d hit the Tour de Fat if he was still awake, but he conked out pretty quickly. It looked like quite the party from the trail so we’ll have to attend the whole thing next year. The ride was much easier towing just 20 pounds of kid in the trailer, but Baby Rijder tilted over sideways in his sleep and woke up unable to right himself and very angry. Next time I’ll have to wedge a bag next to him.