30 Days of Biking 2021 – day 10

It’s April! That means 30 Days of Biking and biking every day and hopefully blogging about it each day.

Two identical trips today out to ReRack today–first one to check on table volunteers and second one to work the table myself and then pack it all up.

30 Days of Biking is always a good time to cycle through all the bikes so I unburied my singlespeed from two years’ worth of detritus, pumped up its flat tires, and used it for the first trip. My Straggler has the trailer hitch for the cargo trailer so I took that bike for the second. Soon I’ll get to tote it all one more time to return the supplies to the office…but I’m happy to be done with heavy hauling for the mo’

Today’s miles: 22.3
Total April miles: 205.4

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