30 Days of Biking 2021 – day 1

It’s April! That means 30 Days of Biking and biking every day and hopefully blogging about it each day.

Today did not go according to plan, but I still did a bit of biking. Last night my front tire went flat while I did my midnight ride (tiny piece of glass–it’s always nice when one can find the culprit), so I patched it up, but didn’t ride my cargo bike again today.

Instead I grabbed my road bike for #hillkillerz because this is a month of two challenges! Bicycle Kitty Maria devised an amazing (or horrible, depending how you look at it) challenge in which she chose a different hill for 55 of us participants and we have to ride up and down it five times in a row once a week for five weeks. However, when I got to the top of my hill I encountered a ROAD CLOSED sign, spewing hoses, and construction equipment. I’ll admit I wasn’t too sad about not getting to slog up the hill over and over and over. It didn’t look like a major construction job so I bet it’ll be open for business tomorrow and I can share a photo of it.

Today’s miles: 3
Total April miles: 3

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