Bike Everywhere Month

Oh hey, it’s Bike Month! Formerly Bike to Work Month, leaving some of us to feel a bit left out, it’s now rebranded as Cascade Bicycle Club Bike Everywhere Month and is completely welcoming to anyone who wants to use a bike to get around.

I have been the captain of a family biking team for the Washington Bikes Bike Everywhere Challenge in the past, but I was a bit slow in getting registered and there are already other family biking teams! So considering we’re doing more family walking and family skating than family biking these days, I decided to make a more general team, Team Urban Cycling: Get to Work, Save Money, and Use Your Bike for City Living. If that sounds familiar, it might be because there’s an awesome book by the same title ;)


This team is for anyone and everyone in Seattle, though especially if you don’t have a workplace team you can join and like the idea of logging trips and miles and don’t mind being on a not-at-all-competitive team. We’re not in it to win it, just ride a little (awesome if this challenge inspires you to ride a little bit more than you normally would!) and record your trips. Each team can have 10 members and so far it’s just me, though I’m saving a spot for my friend Michelle. I think you can probably request to join via the link to the team page, but if not, just comment below and I’ll respond with a special invite link.

There are a ton of fun Bike Everywhere Month events, too. May 20th is F5 Bike Everywhere Day with Celebration Stations all over town (formerly Bike to Work Day Commute Stations) and June 3rd is the End of Bike Month Party at which I’ll run some fun kid activities.


Pixie and I kicked off a super-sunny Bike Everywhere Month by biking 21.2 miles over 5 trips. The number of trips is a more important statistic than the number of miles these last couple years of the challenge so I’m trying to spend the time and log things correctly…I used to just add everything up and plug it in as one round trip. However, I did promise this is a non-competitive team so if logging things as just one trip a day is what it takes to make you want to play, go for it!

2 thoughts on “Bike Everywhere Month

  1. Hi Madi,
    I’ll join your team! I haven’t taken part in this challenge in the past but sounds like fun and good encouragement to increase the number of trips I’m taking to work and with my kids on the bike!

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