Commuting with mini commuter

On Monday, my six-year old and I retraced our pedal strokes from Sunday’s errand (bottom of page). I tried to level the playing field this time, though: I had him carry all the stuff in a pannier, thinking it would make him slower and I rode my single-speed bike, thinking it would make me faster.


We have three pairs of Swift Industries panniers for bike camping with the tandem plus trailer bike. One set is regular/big sized that I got for my Straggler and the other two sets are small, that I figured we’d use both on the tandem and with the kids bikes–they both have Islabikes with little rear racks, but this was the first we’ve tried a pannier.


It didn’t work, he still destroyed me on the hills. He left with a cheerful “See you at the top of the hill!” each time and hollered “Car up!” for me each time he saw a car. He has also decided he wants a Garmin for his birthday. I really like my Garmin Edge 25 for me, but I think he will be OK with the cheapest bicycle computer I can find. Any suggestions on good kid bike activity trackers is welcome!


Riding with just one kid is pretty fun and not something I often have the chance to do. As they get older and more independent, I’m sure we’ll do this more and more so this was a fun little glimpse into the future. We varied our route on the way home to swing by the bike tree at 3728 Densmore Ave N. Had my kid been Strava-ing, his ride would have shown him riding past the tree twice, but we only have my Strava record of my 1.9-mile trip to go by.


One more thing:

While the kids were at school I biked over to Cascade Bicycle Club to turn in my ride leader waiver from Saturday’s Earth Day Kidical Mass ride. Halfway there I stumbled upon the All-City Cycles demo event at Counterbalance Bicycles. As luck would have it, I was riding my All-City Nature Boy Disc so I left it at the demo tent and borrowed an All-City Log Lady, their new mountain bike, for running my errand. The flat six-mile trip wasn’t the best test ride, but I hit every puddle and patch of gravel. Which is pretty funny considering I kept suggesting to my kids on Saturday’s ride that they stick to the Burke-Gilman Trail proper rather than the gravel shoulder. I hope I can remember how much fun I had and allow them to ride freely without complaint next time.


The Log Lady was pretty fun and I think I need to go mountain biking again soon.

30 Days of Biking stats:
April 25 miles: 13.4
April cumulative miles: 380.3

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