Weekly En Plein Air Coffee Club

One #coffeeoutside a week isn’t always enough for me, so I love when I can make it to En Plein Air Coffee Club (EPACC). This one is on Fridays at 8:00 a.m. and at different parks each week. There’s a mailing list signup at the bottom of the EPACC.org website to be alerted of the Friday site on Thursday.



Today’s was close to home, along the Ship Canal Trail, at a nameless park our preschool often played at.

Here’s this week’s mailing since I don’t see it on the EPACC blog yet:

EPACC will meet along the Ship Canal Trail.


Emperor Saga of the Heian Period held flower-viewing parties with sake and feasts underneath the blossoming boughs of sakura trees in the Imperial Court in Kyoto. Poems would be written praising the delicate flowers, which were seen as a metaphor for life itself, luminous and beautiful yet fleeting and ephemeral. —Wikipedia

The En Plein Air Coffee Club will meet for hanami Friday 8th April 2016 at 8am underneath the cherry trees along the Ship Canal Trail west of the Fremont Bridge. Here’s a map.

One more thing: I know of one other regular Seattle #coffeeoutside: Wednesdays at 7:00 a.m. at the Madrona Park picnic shelter. That one usually has a Tuesday reminder on jdgesus’ Instagram.

30 Days of Biking stats:
April 8 miles: 10.2
April cumulative miles: 155.2

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