30 Days of Biking 2016 First Weekend Seattle Ride recap

Today, as last year, Astrid and I led the 30 Days of Biking 2016 First Weekend Seattle Ride. There were 20 of us and it was ten miles of fun! And the weather was terrific. The day started grey and cool (which wasn’t so bad because I’m a bit sunburned from yesterday’s beach visit and riding around in the sun all day) and I didn’t think we’d see blue skies all day, but we ended up with a beautiful day.


We met atop Kite Hill in Gas Works Park and I forgot to post ahead of time that it’s easier to ride up the backside so most of our riders negotiated the tight switchbacks up the front, oops.


Like last year, we rode through the Caffe Appassionato drive-thru because they allow bikes! There aren’t many places like that in Seattle.


It’s not the cleanest system because then I make everyone carry their coffee by bike a couple blocks to Fishermen’s Terminal so maybe we’ll change things next year.


We were able to walk through the Ballard Locks with surprising ease and I realized how different it is to walk a recumbent bike–there aren’t handlebars at convenient walking height.


Stopping at Peddler Brewing Company was great with tons of room both in the sun and shade outside, with easy bike parking. We arrived hours before the food truck of the day, but made do with the prepared sandwiches and salad they have on hand.


I love this ride (all two times we’ve run it) because it attracts lots people I haven’t met before. I’m not sure why and only thought to ask a couple riders how they found out about it (Facebook).

One other thing (ooh, maybe this is my theme this year! One more thing at the end of each post): one of the riders assumed I wasn’t coming along on the ride when he saw my shoes. I was confused–did he know me? Was he alluding to my experience at Chilly Hilly and making a joke? And why didn’t I take the time to consider an appropriate response to future shoe comments back when I wrote that post? Two of my sweet friends were about to pounce on him with defensive words about shoe choice, but I stammered something about “Yes, I ride my bike in these shoes” (the silver ones from yesterday’s photo, btw). Shortly before this, Alyssa rode up in pretty green flats and declared “I’m wearing my pro shoes.” I said I was only wearing pro shoes because I thought it would be too cold for flip flops. So my homework is to come up with something nice and confident to say about shoes that more gear-oriented cyclists might find surprising.

April 2 miles: 12.3
April cumulative miles: 48.1

4 thoughts on “30 Days of Biking 2016 First Weekend Seattle Ride recap

  1. Maybe answer with a question? Have you ever ridden in any shoes other than those that are bike specific?
    Or, how about saying: I’m like most of the cyclists on the planet, and I find no problem riding in shoes that aren’t specifically designed for cycling only.
    Honestly, I find it so strange that people even comment!
    Do you need stickers that say: these shoes designed for cycling, and slap them to the inside of every pair of your shoes, ready to show off?

  2. Oh no no no, I flat out told him ” THESE ONES” and put my “hi vis” green flats straight in the air. But snark aside, perhaps a statement about rides being comfortable, open and welcoming to all to people when confronted by those with bizarre shoe biases would help.

  3. Remind me of a time when I led a ride wearing a tie, and when I showed up, someone asked me if I’d be okay with it on, because I’d be “uncomfortable” with it on. I told him that I made it the seven miles to the start of the ride okay. 😁

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