3 Reasons to Ride a Longtail with Madi Carlson – video for Clever Cycles

This was the video Path Less Pedaled shot with me for Clever Cycles during my BoltBus visit to Portland last month.

I hope it’s common knowledge that I love all types of cargo bikes and strongly believe that you can’t go wrong. If you’re drawn to a certain bike–even for inexplicable reasons–go for it! Odds are you won’t regret it, but if you do, bikes are certainly a lot easier to resell and try again than are cars.

That said, I LOVE LONGTAILS. Especially my own Surly Big Dummy. For all the reasons stated in the video. These days, I’m quite fond of their “LONG-evity ;)” referred to at 0:58 in the video. It’s easy for me to fit two (or three if I find an extra) kids on my deck as well as carry along their two bikes. With room for additional stuff in the cargo bags and our doggie in the front basket. That’s not to say longjohns can’t do this, too (especially with the Caddyrack rear rack by Cycletrucks), but longtails are exceptionally good at it.

Like the more-well-spoken version of me in the video says, Clever Cycles has a big selection of longtails and other cargo bikes (and folding bikes…and kid bikes…and plain old regular bikes…and kid play corner…and kid-friendly restroom) if you’re in or visiting Portland.

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