Easter Cargo Bike Ride 2015

Hoppy Easter! Easter means Easter Cargo Bike Ride and this year I replaced kids on the FlightDeck with an enormous bike speaker, borrowed from Velotron. (He rode with it last Easter.)

Sadly, I had to give it back after the ride, but I’d run the battery down anyway. And despite having lost the JBL cap on the back (which I will go search for tomorrow!) I’m allowed to borrow it again, woo hoo! Here are its exciting innards:

This year I got to play Easter Bunny so I snuck ahead of the ride before we crossed the Fremont Bridge to hide 100 eggs, filled with gummy snacks, water balloons, and temporary tattoos. I think the hunt was a success, but the kids would like more candy next year (<- note to self).

I didn’t take many pictures since my iPhone was plugged into the speaker, but there were a whole bunch of bikes (maybe 20?), most of which were cargo bikes…though it’s not a requirement to be on a cargo bike for these rides. But here’s the best one: Janet’s patch says “Bike Love Forever”.

Miles biked: 13.1
Bikes biked: 1

Miles biked cumulative: 102.8
Bikes biked cumulative: 3

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