Bike Love

The Little Struggler has her rear rack back! I’ve been referring to the Straggler as a “single-occupant bike,” but I don’t really believe in single occupant bikes. She hasn’t toted a kid yet, but now that my Burley Moose Rack can handle the weight of the Burley Piccolo trailer bike, once I get it back from the friend who’s been borrowing it (and is no longer using it, having Xtracycled her bike!), I can tow one of the two kids.

I’m probably misstating this a bit…my rack mounts were up too high to correctly attach the rack (I bet this Surly blog post, Why the Straggler is the Way it Is explains it better) so Haulin’ Colin kindly chopped it down and made new little attach-y parts. And the rack made its way to G&O Family Cyclery where I met up with it today.

So that was the while-the-kids-are-at-school errand for the day, and then we three headed down to Nord Alley for the #BikeLove Party. Bill Thorness, upper right, is an excellent disc player, with a killer behind-the-back fling, by the way.

We headed out with the beginning of the group ride, but the kids were losing interest so we ditched to take a look at Bertha, recently extracted. We’ll have to come back down soon to check out the exhibit at Milepost 31.

And then we saw the return of the group ride on our way back home :)


Miles biked: 19.9
Bikes biked: 2

Miles biked cumulative: 35
Bikes biked cumulative: 2

2 thoughts on “Bike Love

  1. How do you like your straggler? I have a cross-check, and had a Tubus Cargo rack modified by a welder friend so I could move my Yepp from the Dummy to the CC. My CC is probably my favorite bike… Dummy is #2.

    • I LOVE MY STRAGGLER! I don’t think I can pick favorites between the two Surlys, though. They’re each the best for their separate jobs :) Surly needs to make a tandem and then I can have a three-way tie for best bike in the world…

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