30 Days of Biking 2014 – Day 28

This morning at 8:50 I was part of a happenstance cluster of three cargo bikes! Me with both kids on the Big Dummy, a dad with one of his two kids (and a street-side dog) on a Yuba Mundo, and a dad with two kids on an Xtracycle EdgeRunner. And two dads with trailers went through the intersection while we were there. I’d say it felt like we were in Portland, but we were clustered on the sidewalk, waiting to cross the street via the crosswalk–one connecting to the Burke-Gilman Trail, one to a bike lane, and one to a used-to-be-a-bike-lane-there (but the construction of the Brooks Headquarters has wiped out bike lanes on both 34th and Stone). Personally, I’d love a bike box facing north up Stone, though I guess it wouldn’t be quite as chummy as squishing onto a tiny patch of concrete.

A girl on foot was also waiting to cross the street and asked if it was Bike Your Kids to School Day. She was walking a couple blocks from her dad’s work to school–I’m guessing she was ten and walking to the nearby elementary school. This was her tenth time walking solo and I have to admit I was more excited about seeing her than all the family bikes!

Later we headed north on Stone (after waiting squished on the other corner, waiting to cross in the crosswalk) and saw new signs at a dangerous crossing. It says STATE LAW above the STOP and I realize they’re extremely new since they’re still upright. But I like them!

And in exciting bike news, I swung by the copy shop to make a bunch of copies of the Bike to School Month calendar and registration form. And once we arrived to our elementary school, we hung posters on the bike racks. I felt a bit silly walking two blocks to school with a pile of Bike to School Month stuff…and then Mel the Crossing Guard biked by on his way to his post and my four-year old shouted “Hi!” but he didn’t recognize us off the bike!

If you’re in Seattle–or if you’re not, but want BTS ideas–check out Cascade Bicycle Club Bike to School Month.

Today’s miles: 9.9 miles
April cumulative: 398.9 miles

Bikes ridden: 1
April cumulative: 7

Dogs: 0
April cumulative: 17

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