30 Days of Biking 2014 – Day 19

I didn’t drag the kids out in the rain today, but I got soaked enough for the three of us as I led Critical Lass rides to the Sky [Nursery]. I was so impressed that five people showed up! Our ranks included Rebecca of Seattle Bicyclist Portraits and Jennifer of Ballard Greenways. But most exciting was a Rebecca’s friend, Carol, out on a bike for the first time in years. Rebecca has as terrific knack for recruiting women to come on Critical Lass rides.

Our route was very straightforward, five miles north–from Neighborhood Greenway to Interurban Trail to cycle track to Interurban Trail again. I was dismayed to find two cars parked in the cycle track, but the rest was great.

Oh, except for the NO PARKING signs set up (and blown over) in the cycle track.

So I halted the ride and we moved them into the buffer zone. Critical Lass saves the day!

We spent some time drip drying at the Sky Nursery cafe, including holding our wet gloves and jackets up to the space heater. Some of us left with plants, including this Venus fly trap:

Heading home I ran into the Feet First Great Beer Hike. I offered to help carry a keg with my bike, but no one needed help. This was before I made a joke about hijacking a keg and after I said “I know a guy who did this by bike lat year!” So instead I rode alongside them for a couple blocks and played the Star Wars theme on my bike radio.

Today’s miles: 18.3 miles
April cumulative: 280.3 miles

Bikes ridden: 1
April cumulative: 7

Dogs: 0
April cumulative: 16

3 thoughts on “30 Days of Biking 2014 – Day 19

  1. Wait, did you say bike radio? Also, what kickstand would you recommend for our Radish? We need to upgrade to something that keeps the bike upright on it’s own when it’s loaded with small humans.

    • I have a Tommyca that isn’t made anymore, but there are several waterproof Bluetooth bike radio options. I know the Outdoor Technology Turtle Shell Wireless Boom Box is very popular.

      I think the Rolling Jackass centerstand like I have on my longtail is the only kickstand that truly keeps the bike upright, BUT I’ve also seen bar ends added to the bottom of an Xtracycle Kickback (called Kickbackers) to create a wider footprint…but I don’t know if it adds as much stability.

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