30 Days of Biking 2014 – Day 8

Today was not gorgeous out like yesterday, but it didn’t rain until 3pm so that was something to celebrate…with some morning clowning around on the bike:

On the way to PCC after preschool pickup we saw a car use the contra-flow bike lane rather than honor the one-way road and go around the block. I’ve seen this happen just a handful of times, but I bet it’s a common occurrence. It’s a great bike lane in theory, but there’s usually an armored truck parked in it when we visit the grocery store. Upon leaving the grocery store we saw two guys walking their bikes in the bike lane. It certainly does serve a lot of different purposes.

In the evening I ditched the kids to be a panelist at Cascade Bicycle Club’s Cycling Wisdom by Women, for Women. I met a couple friends at Fremont Brewing Company to lead a group ride over. I think if it hadn’t been raining a few more women would have made it out.

Great turn out at the event, 40-50 women on a late (if, like me, you consider 7-9pm late) and rainy night.

Photo courtesy Martha Walsh

Photo courtesy Martha Walsh

Cascade Bicycle Club is going to start more women’s programming. Here’s the brand new Resources for women cyclists web page, revealed on the big screen at the panel. Ooh, I’m “bicycling supermom”!!

Today’s miles: 19.2 miles
April cumulative: 101.9 miles

Bikes ridden: 1
April cumulative: 5

Dogs: 0
April cumulative: 8

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