30 Days of Biking 2014 – Day 3

Started out the day in a panic when I couldn’t find my keys. This wouldn’t have been such an issue in our previous houses where my bikes lived in a garage, unlocked (though it’s still a good idea to lock up in your garages, folks) so no time for pictures as I uncovered the keys, freed the bike from its lock, and we raced to school–four-year old riding his old 16-inch bike and six-year old on the FlightDeck. But here’s stage two, carting four-year old and the old 16-inch bike to Phinney Ridge to pass it along to a little friend who’s ready to pedal.


Then we met up with Hum of the City, visiting from San Francisco!


We headed to G&O Family Cyclery for test riding. This is how the kids test ride:


And like so:


But the real test riding was me and my four-year old on Hum of the City’s Brompton with Pere kid seat while she took out Davey Oil’s “Blooey” the EdgeRunner cycletruck with Stokemonkey e-assist:


It’s an amazing bike so naturally she attracted some attention–this guy hopped out of his truck to check it out.


I had to leave the fun to fetch my six-year old from school, but that played perfectly into running a little errand: returning yesterday’s not-broken-anymore Brompton to Sara. And I learned from Hum of the City the bag is the Ikea Dimpa storage bag, created for storing spare car tires, but perfectly sized for Brompton!


Then back to G&O with both kids to reconvene for more bike talk and dinner before dark ride home.


In boring blog news: trying to make things quicker by uploading photos straight from phone to WordPress. It’s much quicker, but the files are bigger and I really like poking at every image in Photoshop so not sure I want to make it a habit. But hoping to find some corners to cut to keep at the #30daysofbiking blogging. Couldn’t bring myself to do the typing on my phone, but I guess ideally I’d make it all short and sweet and mobile. Advice welcome!

Today’s miles: 17.4 miles
April cumulative: 49.2 miles

Bikes ridden: 2
April cumulative: 3

Dogs: 0
April cumulative: 6

3 thoughts on “30 Days of Biking 2014 – Day 3

  1. Nice mileage, and nice to see everyone! One suggested correction: Dogs, 2 – we met Dolly the Chow and Gracie the lab (maybe you missed Gracie, though?) at Kirke. Or doe R and B have to notice the canine for it to count?

    • So far I’ve been counting dogs we meet while physically on the bike. The dog I counted on day 4 we didn’t even pet…but were sitting on the grass with our bikes for two-minute quick snack stop on the way home. I should really iron out the dog criteria!

  2. It did not occur to me to participate in 30 days of biking (didn’t ride on the 2nd and 3rd of the month anyway). But went clamming and oystering by bike today. Lashed shovel to top bar, hung bucket on back end of shovel. Got 34 clams and 14 oysters; 13 or 14 miles this afternoon. Hunkering on the beach to rake through the sand for clams is as hard on my thighs as a 10% grade. At least I’m a lot sorer than when I do the same ride without shellfish!

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