Biking in the first Seattle snow of 2014

The snow storm that’s been pummeling Portland and meant the cancellation of the Worst Day of the Year Ride moved north last night and left us with three inches of snow. Initially, I planned to keep the Kidical Mass on the Beacon Hill Greenway happening. I was hesitant to carry the kids there on the Big Dummy, fearing shady Interlaken Drive would be icy, so I checked out the bus situation and saw the 48 could take us all the way there. But this would mean bringing three separate bikes, whereas I’d originally hoped to carry the kids the whole way, due to a hill at the beginning of the Greenway. But no matter, I ended up canceling the ride when others reported kids wanting to stay inside…and I really wasn’t sure we could handle the one-mile ride to the bus stop.

The kids made do playing in the house snow for quite a while, but craved bigger and better things so we made for the park. We couldn’t locate our sled so we decided to bring snowboards. By this time much of the street snow had melted so I could have managed the Big Dummy, but I already had my mountain bike on my mind (I only pull it out for big snow, though I hope to mountain bike on it again some day) so I shoved the kid snowboards under the flap of my All-City Low-Profile backpack and we were set. My tires suggest 35-65 psi so I set them at 45, figuring that was good and low for any snow I might encounter. I didn’t think to check the kids’ tires; I guess they were probably overinflated for the conditions.

Ready to snow ride

The four-year old had a bit of trouble getting started pedaling in his snowboard boots, but he quickly adapted and lurched along.

Kids riding in the snow

The picture above is the snowiest block–most was completely clear or partly slushy. The sidewalks were pretty snowy and the little one had to walk his bike up a few hilly blocks through that sidewalk snow. They each fell a couple times, but were up quickly and ready to keep going.

Kids riding in the slush

The park was a winter wonderland, with sledders and snowmen galore.

Snowboarding in the park

Thankfully it’ll all melt away and life can return to normal tomorrow.

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