Christmas tree by bike

I get a little jealous come Christmastime when I see all the pictures of my friends carrying their Christmas trees on their bikes year after year. I’m not the Christmas celebrator in our family so I buy the Chanukah candles by bike (doesn’t pack nearly the same punch as a big tree) and the kids and Mr. Family Ride drive to a tree farm (usually I go along) for the full experience. Obviously, we need to get Mr. Family Ride a cargo bike, too, so we can join in the bikey tradition.

But happily, I carried our tree on my bike for the first time last night!
…it was to carry it to a bonfire and burn it to a crisp so read into that what you will.

To make up for the fact that I was “cheating” by using a cargo bike, I met my friend, Claudia, at work and carried her tree, too. I was wide, but two six-foot-long trees were an easy load. Of course it’s not the full family biking experience when I carry things without the kids on board so tree + kids is still on my to-do list.

Two trees on my bike

Last night’s Christmas tree bonfire was my first Point 83 event, though I’ve participated in many Menstrual Monday rides, their sister organization. Everyone was very nice, especially when I felt obligated to offer to carry their trees…in the nicest way possible:
“Not that you don’t look completely capable with that heavy tree strapped to your back, but seeing as I’m already cheating with my big cargo bike and have room for a third tree, may I take it off your hands?”
They all politely declined, as expected.

There were trees laying across front baskets and front racks, sticking out of backpacks or strapped upon them, in panniers, and in trailers.

Trees on bikes

Tree on front basket

Tree on back

Tree in trailer

Note: one was not required to come with tree–there were plenty of people just along for the ride.

We biked from Westlake Park to Peddler Brewing Company where Haley and David had been collecting trees in a truck for those unable to transport them by bike. We also collected more riders there and brought our number to about 100.

More trees and riders at Peddler Brewing Co

At the beach, Joby donned his full fire suit (he biked over with just the jacket on which was pretty cool on its own) and fed tree after tree into the flames.


I hope to see the pictures the drones (I think privately owned, not SPD) took from above.

One of two drones at the bonfire

And Josh Trujillo joined us at all three locations to capture some great pictures for the Seattle pi: Christmas trees turned into inferno.

Josh on fire

We were very lucky with the weather. The drizzle let up just before the ride, though it was a bit windy. However, there were sufficient incendiaries on hand that the bonfire would have been a success no matter the conditions.

I have more dark and blurry pictures here.

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