Kidical Mass to fall colors in the Arboretum

We had a great six-mile ride (three out, three back), complete with unexpectedly terrific weather, from Gas Works Park to the Washington Park Arboretum today. We started with 20 participants, picked up 4 more en route, and were joined by 3 late comers for quite a big group! Of course there were the usual peel-offs for naps and similar reasons, but I think it’s safe to say everyone had fun.

Kidical Mass ready to ride

The group was comprised of a variety of bike types:

  • regular adult bikes
  • regular bikes with front seats (Bobike mini, iBert)
  • regular bikes with rear seats
  • regular bike with Weehoo iGo trailer bike
  • regular bike with trailer
  • Surly Big Dummy lontail cargo bikes
  • Kona Ute longtail cargo bike
  • Cargo Joe folding longtail cargo bike
  • Yuba Boda Boda midtail cargo bike
  • Madsen bucket bike
  • Bilenky Viewpoint tandem with just one parent this time and kid in rear seat
  • four kids on their own bikes

The ride was fairly flat–first half along the Burke-Gilman multi-use trail and second half along the Lake Washington Loop, a signed bike route where other road users are very used to seeing bikes. I toted my four-year old and his 16-inch single-speed bike, thinking it better suited to my six-year old on his 20-inch three-speed bike, but we had a rider on a 16-inch bike who did great. Naturally, we’d adjust the speed of the ride to accommodate any rider. I’ve promised my little guy we’ll plan an all flat and downhill ride soon–today’s ride would have had him walking uphill and needing rest breaks. Here’s our route:

We stopped at the Arboretum’s Oak section, just north of the Visitor Center, where everyone immediately pulled out snacks…because snacking is one of the most important parts of successful family biking.

Kidical Mass in the Arboretum

We also did some craft projects with fall leaves and pipe cleaners. My helmet leaves were a little too big for comfort, but twig antlers worked well.

Fall helmet craft

I also got to heft an Islabike. So light! I don’t know how much our bike weighs, but it’s definitely more. Comparing our 20-inch kid bike with the 20-inch Isla would be an even bigger difference. I think I want a bike scale. Of course, what I really want is two Islabikes, but I’d settle for a scale. For now.

Sparkle bike vs. Islabike

The first leg of our ride took a quick break to watch the weed-munching rental goats under the freeway. Later, the kids and I took a closer look on our way home. They almost escaped two nights ago, but are securely contained now. This one is my favorite:

Visiting the goats

And this is one is the kids’. They’ve named her Best Friend. Next time we visit them, we’ll bring pumpkin. check them out if you’re nearby–they’re adorable!

Visiting the goats

In Kidical Mass news, we’ll be holding monthly rides. Next ride with be Sunday, December 1st, with full details coming soon.

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