A fellow family biker recently coined the term “kidmiles” to describe miles biked with a kid on board. I agree those miles deserve a special name (that special name is kidkilometers where appropriate, by the way).

I have to admit I feel incredibly accomplished (or more worn out, sometimes) if I pedal a lot of two-kids-and-their-two-kid-bikes-miles, but today I had just one kid. Still counts as kidmiles, but easier kidmiles. I weighed the Big Dummy at the vet’s office recently and discovered it’s 76.4 pounds. I think the four-year old is 35 pounds and we had minimal stuff.

It was supposed to be sunny and 80 degrees today, but it stayed cool and cloudy so this isn’t the pretty photo essay I thought it’d be, but we saw some cool stuff nonetheless.

The one-kid big kidmile day

First stop: Westlake Center, where I gave the bike an extra pat goodbye as I left her under the monorail tracks. I’ve seen a lot of ravaged bikes on that rack.

Parked at Westlake Center

But she was still there after we bought FOUR new bike bells at Daiso.

Ding ding ding ding

And this wind sock–shown here at our second stop, Back Alley Bike Repair in Pioneer Square.

Nord Alley

The Back Alley visit was for a new pair of socks. Many choices, but I figured I’d go for the big wheels and represent the kiddie set at tomorrow’s StarCrossed cyclocross race. Hoping all the kidmiles will help me on the course!

New socks: Go big or go home

Then Pike Place Market. Partially because unless I want to go way out of the way along the waterfront, the easiest route is up Western Avenue that ends at the market, but mostly because I wanted Briar Rose Creamery truffles and one of the two places to get them in Seattle is Beechers Handmade Cheese. We also grabbed a balloon animal, watched the fish throwing, and ate a bagel in the park. Crowded place, but fun!

Pike Place Market

And the trip home took us past Velo Bike Shop so I could check out the old Chinese baby bike seat I’ve been admiring through the window.

Velo Bike Shop

If this bike were in use, the seat would be closer to the front of the bike.

Old Chinese bike at Velo

Old Chinese bike at Velo

Old Chinese bike at Velo

Old Chinese bike at Velo

I like the double kickstand, too.

Old Chinese bike at Velo

Then on to the world-class separated bike lane on Dexter. Ha.

Delivery truck in the Dexter bike lane

Another delivery truck in the Dexter bike lane

But I was impressed with the TRAFFIC MERGE WITH BIKES sign once passing the delivery trucks blocking the bike lane. I’ve only seen BIKES MERGE WITH TRAFFIC before. Nice to know they made a special one. Never mind that bikes are traffic, too.

Traffic merge with bikes

The little guy requested we swing by the Densmore bike tree on our way home so that meant a ride by the Essential Bakery salmon bike corral:

Essential Baking bike corral

And behold the bike tree!

Densmore bike tree

We continued a few uphill blocks out of the way to ride along the Neighborhood Greenway. The other streets up here are quiet enough, but I like to be a presence on the greenway. 13 kidmiles in the books.

10 thoughts on “Kidmiles

  1. Yikes! I always get nervous parking out on the street. My favorite places to park in Downtown Seattle are Union Square (Go on 7th past University, down the ramp–racks are at the bottom) and the City Target parking garage on 2nd & Union (I think). Not quite as convenient for short stops, but peace of mind is worth something. :)

    • Thanks for the parking tips! I think the City Target parking garage looks high-thefty! No proof, just a feeilng. Maybe I should give it another try…I am in the mood to buy a six-month supply of toilet paper and that’s just the place!

  2. I didn’t realize you did cyclocross also. Cool! My husband just did one today. I’ve done a few here & there and hauling the kids & mtn biking are great for training. It’s so nice to see another mom totally into bike commuting w/her kids.

    • Oh, Kristin, I SUCKED at cyclocross today! I need to practice. And maybe mountain bike some, too :) I’ve only mountain biked a handful of times and not in the last five years we’ve lived here. There are some nice parks here (or so I see in pictures :)).

      • Well at least you did it. I’m not the best at it either, but when you finish it’s such an accomplishment. We mtn bike a lot, we are in Colorado. But with all the flooding here it’ll be awhile.

      • Thanks :) You’re right–I did want to leave the course halfway through the first lap and take a nap on the grass. I wasn’t speedy, but I kept going until the end. Take care and stay safe!

    • A friend had already ziptied a long bamboo stick to my bike–tightly at 3 spots (Yepp seat, Yepp rack, and Xtracycle vrack). I stuck the windsock to that with a couple hair rubber bands :) I wouldn’t mind a proper flag pole to hang various signs from, though…

  3. so sorry your bike trailer was stolen! thanks for the post about Daiso. I have been wanting to get a bell that wasn’t totally overpriced, so thank you! i picked one up today (and other finds) and will be going back for sure. also, i totally understand hesitation about parking bike on that bike rack under the monorail. i feel the same way whenever i leave mine there for a short run into the bartells or mall. :)

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