Feed bags! (Or musettes to sound classy)

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I got the idea for these while reading one of the numerous CPSC recalls involving infant/child products newsletter about hooded sweatshirt drawstrings posing strangulation hazards.

Kids feeding with feed bags

I picked up some locally-made ReUsies snack and sandwich bags during a half-off sale, but anyone more crafty than I can DIY it: with cloth and PUL or oilcloth which that tutorial just taught me is the same thing–I had no idea!

I found two of my removed hoodie drawstrings–sadly, not because of the recall, but because it annoys me when my three-year old tugs on them–and cut them to a length that would fit over kiddie helmets because I know I’m not organized enough to remember to distribute feed bags before helping get helmets on. Then I just sewed them into the sandwich bags, near the edge so I don’t compromise their waterproofness. Voila!

Feed bag

I think constant snacks might be enough to keep Little Man Strangle Hands from messing with his brother once it gets too hot to keep the snowboard jacket/straitjacket on. He wore it today–the exposed toddler arms above are just for the sake of the picture.

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