Exploring new routes (Capitol Hill to Seward Park)

How do you go about finding bike routes? I start with Google maps directions and adjust per the local Seattle Neighborhood Greenways map(s). If I’m at all confused, I’ll solicit opinions from the Seattle Family Biking Facebook group since most of the members have similar requirements to mine–not too steep, not too busy–and we’re spread throughout the city. If I’m out and about I usually only use my Bike Maps app, though it only gives one choice and from current location to the spot I plug in. I know several people who swear by Ride the City and gmap-pedometer. What do you find most helpful?

Today the toddler and I scouted routes from Capitol Hill to Seward Park for the upcoming Critical Lass/Family Bike Seattle CycloFemme ride. This isn’t the route we’ll use, but I quite liked it:

It was my first time in the I-90 Bike Tunnel and the only steep part of the ride was the half block up Irving on the east end of the tunnel. It was OK with just one kid on the back, but I’m not sure I’d make it up with both kids and their bikes. Obviously, I’ll just have to come back and give it a try!

In the I-90 Bike Tunnel

This was also my first time on the Mountains-to-Sound Trail (or MTS trail if you’re cool). I’d like to explore more of it.

On the MTS trail

I wish I’d taken more pictures of the lovely view while we were up high, but we wound our way down through Colman Park before I knew it. We stopped in at Leschi Starbucks where I ran into my doula on her mountain bike. Between the two of us and the BMX bike locked out front, it must have been the first time in the history of the Lake Washington Loop that the roadies were outnumbered by non-roadies. There were just two capital-C-cyclists there, one airing out his feet al fresco and one quietly studying his Strava inside. A bit along the Lake Washington Loop we stopped to squash Mount Rainier. Beautiful day for it!

Squashing Mount Rainier

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