Getting bikes up high

While our kiddos were all in school, Alyssa and I rode our small bikes 16 miles around Magnolia. Here’s my new Knog Milkman lock keeping our bikes safe while we break for coffee. It’s tiny and light and I’ll keep it in my messenger bag so I’m never lockless.

Knog Milkman

On the way home I stopped to stick my bike on the new traffic circle boat. When I’m out with the liftable bike, I gotta lift it onto things!

Bike on the traffic circle boat

Back on the non-liftable bike, we met friends at Gas Works Park after preschool, which meant I had to ride up kite hill (it’s possible up the south side). Now I’m wondering if I can get the little bike up the more switchback-y north side…

Top of Gas Works

Today’s miles: 26.1
April miles: 338.2

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