Two flavors of clown bike

Made a solo run to the old house to pick up some stuff left behind: shoe rack, big poster, refrigerator contents, coats, boots…and the Yepp seat since I didn’t think to leave it at the new house.


I was disappointed I couldn’t also fit the new 20-inch kid bike on board so I went back after the kids were asleep to fetch it. 20-inch kid bikes are much easier to ride than 16-inch ones, though I still felt like a clown.

Adult on 20-inch kiddie bike

Earlier in the day, a friend came by to pick up a computer monitor we no longer use (which the kids and I carried from old house to new in the front basket, btw). I oohed at her Mazda5 and I feel weird about it. Am I a victim of our car culture? Or am I overcompensating and trying to seem relevant the way acquaintances force out any random biking anecdote when they see me? I dunno, but it is a good thing her family of five squeezes into a “nano” van (her term) rather than a minivan. And I could certainly relate to her swearing off long car trips after the miserable experience they’d just had dropping her spouse at the airport on the way over. Oh snap, did I just miss an opportunity to woo her to the dark side? Doh! I’ll do better next time.

Today’s miles: 5.8
April miles: 184.5

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