My least favorite intersection

I’m the new Seattle Bike Blog Staff Family Cycling Expert! I’ve just written a post whining about my least favorite intersection.

Blocked bike lane in Fremont

It’s certainly not the worst intersection in town, but it rains on my parade three mornings a week.

Read the whole post on Seattle Bike Blog.

Having just attended What can we learn from Dutch street design? (yes, that’s the back of my head in the photo :) ) presented by Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, I’m sad at the state of our streets and jealous of bicyclists in the Netherlands. I believe SNG filmed the presentation so hopefully those not lucky enough to attend can see Fred Young’s presentation soon.

Last night the kids and I checked out Bicycle Alliance of Washington’s Bike Love Party. The party was great, but I’ve come to realize I no longer like biking on 3rd Avenue (or Dances with buses) downtown. I don’t think I like any street downtown.

2 thoughts on “My least favorite intersection

  1. The comments on your post over there make me want to never bike in Seattle, the way a news story about a missing child makes me want to keep mine indoors: inappropriate fear response that it’s hard to logic through.

    New sticker idea: Amsterdamize every city!

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