I <3 Spokespeople Rides

Kidical Mass isn’t the only family-friendly game in this town. We love Kidical Mass rides and look forward to Julian’s plans to get them rolling even more often this year, but Spokespeople Rides are terrific for families (and new riders and/or leisurely riders), too. We attend the Wallingford rides whenever we can–the first Saturday of every month at 2pm, meet at the south end of Wallingford Playfield–but there are also groups in Ballard, NE Seattle, and West Seattle.

Spokespeople Ride January 2013

One of the things I like best about Spokespeople Rides is that they start and end at the same spot. It’s a very nice feature for those who are unfamiliar with the neighborhood, need to drive to the start (we had two families of four from the Kirkland Greenways group on Saturday), and I took advantage of this by locking up the two kid bikes so I wouldn’t have to drag them around for an hour and a half during the group ride.

Each ride has a theme and we all found the January ride to Wallingford’s Little Free Libraries particularly enjoyable.

Little Free Library

We checked out (ha ha, library pun) four little free libraries, the Poem of the Week, Word of the Week (may as well be hiatus these last few months), and the Poetry Bench. It was a very localized ride, but probably the hilliest Spokespeople Ride I’ve attended. Phew!

We met the keeper of the children’s book little free library on 47th near Wallingford Avenue. We’ll be back to exchange books soon.

Keeper of the little free library amidst our bikes

All Spokespeople Rides are listed in their Google calendar along with other easy rides and related classes and events.

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