Family group ride along Westlake to South Lake Union

I wasn’t going to bother recapping yesterday’s Family Bike Ride to Holiday Lights at Lake Union Park so soon after the very similar Thanksgiving Family Group Ride, but it was just so picturesque out there today!

We convened at Gas Works Park again: three Surly Big Dummies (including another new Xtracycle Hooptie!), one Madsen bucket bike, one BULLITT, one regular bike plus rear kid seat, and one regular bike. And Barbara met us with her Kona MinUte later at the festival. Lots of family bikes!

We took a bit of a round-about route to be extra family-friendly. I might consider letting my five-year old pedal the sidewalk of the non-trail portions of this route, but today both kids rode on the FlightDeck:

The bike counter was fairly low due to the holiday: we were numbers 342-348 at 12:45.

The Holiday Lights Festival was great. We sailed model boats in the pond, decorated boat-shaped cookies in The Center for Wooden Boats, made our own wooden boats, boat fruit from the Farm Boat, and made cards and necklaces aboard the Virginia V.

The family left early to pick up a Christmas tree. And then swung back through the park so we could all admire it in the Madsen’s bucket. Amazing!

It was very cold by the time we headed home–“Even my hair is cold!” conditions, according to my three-year old. I tried to put a spare shirt over his helmet for a makeshift balaclava, but he didn’t like it, with or without mouth and nose coverage. I still think it’s a pretty snazzy solution–classier than the time I stuck his feet in a shopping bag to keep them warm, anyway.

2 thoughts on “Family group ride along Westlake to South Lake Union

  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS pics! You are the NatGeo of Seattle’s biking scene!
    We got balaclavas at costco…$10. My 5yo thinks she is a spy and wears it daily. Might work?!
    Thanks for a gorgeous recap!

    • :) I feel it’s my duty to post pretty Seattle pictures…partially because I miss the climates of Santa Barbara and San Diego a lot of the time. But also to inspire jealousy.
      We have balaclavas–and have started calling them “ninja masks” like The Main Tank does to see if it makes them more palatable. I think when it gets cold enough they’ll wear them again. Maybe. I hope.

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