Kidical Mass South (and long bikes fit in the Westlake station elevators!)

I’m very excited about the new family biking programs at Bike Works, including Kidical Mass rides the third Saturday of the month (the next one is August 18th…but I’ll be Bike camping and eating pie).

I’ve never biked all the way to Bike Works and wasn’t sure what the hill up from Lake Washington would be like. Plus I left the house 30 minutes later than intended (surprise, surprise). I thought I might have to give up when I got to Genesee Park if the hill looked too big and it was already after 11. But the ride wasn’t bad without the balance bikes and beach gear on board. The late start also motivated me to ride faster and I made it in 65 minutes–just 8 minutes longer than the Google maps estimate.

The jog around Harrison Street was a construction closure I’d been warned about–both that it exists and that there’s no detour signage. Fortunately, a cyclist passed me just before we got to that point and I was able to follow him back to the Lake Washington Loop. I had the impression he slowed down a bit so I could keep him in sight–thank goodness because I’m sure I would have gone some extra not-flat blocks otherwise.

A lot of riders showed up–33 people spread over 18 bikes. Here’s Bike Works’ Davey Oil just back from a long work trip to Portland.

True story: the ride ended at Full Tilt Ice Cream and one of the flavors was called CB’s Something-Or-Other. I figured the CB was for Caspar Babypants, local kindie rocker, but Davey guessed Carrie Brownstein. He’s obviously still mentally in Portlandia. The change in him is noticeable–he’s, like, cheerful. Now, I’ve never thought of Davey as particularly grumpy, but he likes to share stories (ask him about the Ride the Ducks tour and the meat cleaver) that paint him as a grumpy guy. I’m sure it’ll wear off after a while, but he’s all sugar and spice for now. Oh, and we were both wrong: the CB was for CB’s Nuts.

Here’s ride leader Morgan Scherer giving Bus Chick a lift. Meanwhile, Bus Nerd was test riding Bike Works’ Sun Atlas Cargo Bike. It’s available for rental and I think they might rent it!

And I met Drew, a mobile bike mechanic (website coming soon here: The Bike Ranger), who made these awesome running boards out of old skis. They’re so cool!

Julian of Totcycle was also representing the north side of Seattle and five-year old Drew wowed us with a moving FlightDeck mount.

The ride was beautiful, with a lake-side turtle-viewing stop and then a picnic and wade in Lake Washington.

And as previously stated, we ended with ice cream. Here’s a lovely shot of the parking lot: one parking spot = one minivan, one scooter, or five longtail bicycles.

Julian took his Xtracycle on the light rail this morning and told me longtails fit in the Westlake station. Wahoo! I’d been planning to get off after just a few stops, at the Stadium station so I could avoid any elevators. Much better being able to ride all the way to the end of the line.

We could even fit both our long bikes in the upper elevator. And to be clear: the bikes are horizontal, and with the little kids still in their seats.

Because Kidical Mass and ice cream was not excitement enough (Summer! Sun! Must do everything bikey!), we headed to Gregg’s Cycles’ 80th anniversary celebration. We timed our arrival perfectly: just in time to catch the face painter before her stint ended and then get balloons from Jami, the Balloon Biker.

Gregg’s is at the end of the newly redone Ravenna Boulevard buffered bike lane. The five-way intersection is still a hassle, but I love that there are two different bike lanes here.

Mr. Family Ride met us at Gregg’s and bought a rear rack for his bike. I think this is very funny because I asked him a few weeks ago if he wanted to think about a pannier and he got all bike messenger-y and snarled, “All I need is my courier bag!” No pannier(s) yet, but that’s his next step. I should probably get him a kick stand and a rear-view mirror now.

Today’s miles: 25.3
July cumulative: 296.7 miles

6 thoughts on “Kidical Mass South (and long bikes fit in the Westlake station elevators!)

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    • I need one, too! Mostly so I can see cyclists sneaking up on me and try to steer the conversation towards acceptably overheard subjects. We’ve already had a colorful “how does the baby get out of your belly?” lesson overheard so I really don’t know what it’s gonna take for me to come to my senses!

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