Hiss, boo!

This afternoon we hit Waterfront Whimsea Family Fun Day. We missed the Bubbleman, but caught the The Not-Its! and Seattle Seafair Clowns. We also got our first look at the gondola cars on the new waterfront ferris wheel.

The festival was packed so it was nice to have arrived by bike and park front and center. I don’t know how most families get to the waterfront, but I think many drive and use strollers to get to their destination from somewhat-far-away parking spots they’ve had to pay lots of money for. Despite all the activities (magic show, face painting, carnival games, photo booth, dancing), most of our time was spent climbing the Waterfront Whimsea sculpture.

After the last musical act finished up, we migrated along the waterfront. Since we had such fun playing in the Olympic Sculpture Park with Davey Oil and Little Oil a week ago we decided to go back before our long ride home. I discovered it’s a great spot to shoot a picture of the Space Needle sitting on one’s FlightDeck. Stay tuned for upcoming “All your cargo are belong to us” meme in the coming weeks!

And the boys rolled down the steep grassy slope–which ends with a drop-off next to the bike path, so not suitable for all littles–over and over and over again.

You may have noticed the balloons on the kid helmets. We started the day at a costume party and the boys wore balloons clipped to their hair for puppy ears and tied to their belt loops for tails. When we arrived home they noticed a hissing noise which I hoped hoped hoped was one of their six balloons, but it was my rear tire. Arg! My six months streak of no flats is up–none on the Big Dummy until now and one on the city bike in December. I’ll deal with it in the morning.

Today’s miles: 17
June cumulative: 88.1 miles

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