Mr. Family Ride on the FlightDeck

I didn’t think I’d get on the bike today. We drove 17 miles to Renton this morning to meet some of the five-year old’s preschool class for a lion dance performance. I didn’t even look into the possibility of biking there (it would have been bike + bus or bike + light rail train) since Mr. Family Ride came along. He’s been on his bike twice since breaking his shoulder (not bike-related) so it’s just a matter of time before Team Family Ride rides again.

This afternoon Mr. Family Ride took the boys out for a balance bike ride and warned me he might call for a rescue since last time he ended up carrying two bikes and one boy two blocks uphill and his shoulder wasn’t happy about it. I wasn’t excited about the prospect of cutting my afternoon of relaxation short until I realized I could probably turn this into a new cargo-carrying experience. I envisioned the big kid staying on his bike while I carried the small balance bike, small kid, and Mr. Family Ride on the Big Dummy. I gave the iPhone to the five-year old to document the momentous event so the pictures of the event are more artsy than useful. Here I am trying to talk Mr. Family Ride onto the FlightDeck:

I didn’t get to carry him right away because both kids decided they weren’t tired after all and wanted to ride more. I eventually talked the little guy into his seat and stowed his balance bike in a FreeLoader while the big guy carried his bike up two flights of stairs with Mr. Family Ride. We met a block south of our house, on a flat street, and while both kids hoofed it, I finally got my chance to play pedicab driver with Mr. Family Ride on the deck. He awkwardly held the big kid’s balance bike and perched side saddle and it didn’t work so well, but I made it most of a block before I let him off so I’m calling it a success.

Today’s miles: 1.1
May cumulative: 350.4 miles

4 thoughts on “Mr. Family Ride on the FlightDeck

  1. I just hauled an adult for the first time myself! My coworker at Bike Works hitched a ride two blocks to our warehouse. I tried that on xtracycle day one and almost spilled my friend into traffic so I was kinda nervous but it worked great. glad to get a Mr sighting, as well.

    • Coming home from the Bike to Work Breakfast (with Yepp seat removed) I encountered a neighbor and bullied him onto my FlightDeck. That worked must better (plus it was all downhill), but definitely a much heavier wobblier ride. Maybe we should practice toting each other while the kids toss gravel at us.

  2. I’ve yet to bully my husband into the box. He claims the bike can’t handle our weight. My theory is if a bakfiets can’t carry a family of four, what can? I wish he’d let me try.

    I love the boy’s grin in that first photo. Sure looks like he wants you to talk Dad into it.

    • Ug, I’m sure the bakfiets could handle it, but I bet he’d be a wobbly load. I hope you get a chance to try…on a slight downhill.

      That’s actually his pre-“Me take pictures now!” face. The five-year old’s pictures are basically unusable, but at least they’re intentional and almost artsy; the two-year old’s pictures simply suck. :P

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