Seattle’s first Critical Lass ride

Coinciding with CycloFemme, Seattle had its first Critical Lass ride today. It also coincided with Mother’s Day and children were welcome on the ride, but I opted to go solo so I could ride free of barking and other distractions. I was tempted to ride my beach cruiser, but brought the Big Dummy so the ladies could test ride it. That also meant I could bring a bunch of extraneous stuff along: six extra water bottles, emergency snacks, sunscreen, CycloFemme temporary tattoos, zip ties, bungee cords, reflective slap bands. I gave out a few tattoos, but my other supplies weren’t needed. But I was happy to have been prepared…and maybe I was showing off a little bit cargo-wise, too.

We had a great five-mile ride along some of the proposed Ballard Greenways and then south to Jillian’s at South Lake Union.

I think everyone had a great time–I know I did. There were over 20 riders and I didn’t have a chance to talk to everyone, but I met many awesome local ladies and saw a lot of already-friends. I think this will become a monthly event–at least during the fair-weather months. One exciting discover was Natalie’s Exustar shoes. I don’t think I’ll ever go clipless on a mamabike and will probably never replace my old Shimano mountain bike SPDs, but it’s nice to know what’s out there. They make a clipless sandal that looks promising for Mr. Family Ride summer cycling, since he found the Keen ones too narrow.

Today’s miles: 13.2
May cumulative: 169.1 miles

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