Voyage to Value Village

With just the little kid in tow, I rode three miles up 8th Ave NW to the Crown Hill Value Village in search of bike supplies. I usually stick to lower Ballard and can never remember which streets to take go climb north. I’ve checked with Jen of Ballard Greenways and Loop-Frame Love and know to use 6th or 17th next time.

I thought crossing 85th would be a pain, but traffic was closed in one direction while a median strip was being installed. I guess the cars leaving Value Village don’t always mind the RIGHT TURN ONLY sign. I like the cut-throughs for peds/bikes/skateboards.

I found a new $2 basket for our red balance bike. This one seems pretty sturdy and should last a while. Two-dollar baskets aren’t cheap when one buys them repeatedly. I was also hoping to find a small bag of some sort to hang from my seat post handlebars to stow snacks and toys for the big kid. No luck, but while looking around on Etsy I discovered this very cool Bartender Handlebar Bag. Her M.U.T. (Multi-Use Tote) bags are very cool, too. Two more things to add to my wish list.

Other scores were a dog-covered kid tie and a dress to wear to Seattle’s first Critical Lass Ride (no fancy dress required): Sunday May 13th at 2pm, meet at the Ballard Library.

Today was quite cold and I tend to be ill-prepared on cold days that fall after warm days. The ride back to preschool was all downhill so I couldn’t give up my jacket and instead stuck my cold toddler in a spare shopping bag. It doesn’t work as well as it looks like it should.

Home from preschool is all uphill so I was able to share my jacket for the cold sweater-clad five-year old.

And I discovered the best distraction for cold kids is pausing to cluck at lawn chickens.

Today’s miles: 13.2 miles
April cumulative: 257.2 miles

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