Little night ride

Up until today, the hardest part of this round of 30 Days of Biking has been keeping up with the daily blogging. That’s a good thing! Proof positive that the previous rounds have changed me into a true everyday biker. But today’s ride was a just-get-it-done half mile around the neighborhood late at night.

Today was my once-every-three-week working day at our coop preschool and in order to get home in time to transport a broken Mr. Family Ride to the chiropractor (very messed up back since Monday–probably only partially caused by my dragging him out on his bike on Sunday) was to take the car. We’ve only taken the car on Wednesdays to go directly from preschool to our Lake City class so naturally I got a bit lost on my way.

We forgot sockeye salmon behind at school (the last day before Spring Break!) so I thought that’d be our daily bike ride, but by the time we all got home from the chiropractor, it was late and the kids were tired and hungry so we dropped Mr. Family Ride at home and drove to school again. But at least the second time driving home from preschool was easier.

Today’s miles: 0.5 miles
April cumulative: 137.1 miles

4 thoughts on “Little night ride

  1. I too am finding it hard to blog about my daily rides.

    I’ve been practicing bunny hops on my low ride days….I am a super dork. I can get the front wheel off the ground but the back wheel is firmly planted to earth (:

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