The new Recycled Cycles (from the viewpoint of a non-cyclist)

I checked out the new Recycled Cycles last Wednesday (and Thursday). It’s not an attractive building and it’s not right on the Burke-Gilman Trail, but it’s huge and despite being across the street from pungent Fremont Brewing, it doesn’t smell like a brewery inside. I once worked in an old brewery building and once they reopened the brewery below us, the smell was not so great to share space with all day long.

They served free coffee on opening day and if the mechanics are drinking that same strong brew, the place is going to do a lot of brisk business. Speaking of coffee, they also have adorable coffee cup bike bells. Right next to the BikeGlow.

I think the mix of old and new is probably a lot like the original Recycled Cycles, but my only experience with the other shop is 1) carrying a bored toddler around for a few minutes three years ago while Mr. Family Ride looked at bikes and decided it was his favorite shop and 2) carrying a bored preschooler and bored toddler around for a few minutes after last year’s kiddie criterium.

The bin of used saddles was particularly exciting for my two-year old. Both the blue Lemond and brown Brooks saddles were gone when we went back on Thursday (second trip was because the four-year old was sad to have missed out–he was quite fond of the saddle bin, too, and created the game of sitting on the saddles one-by-one on the floor).

There’s a wonderfully priced new 2011 18-inch Kona Ute in the shop and when I chatted with Scott, the owner, he mentioned they want to carry more cargo bikes. I wish I’d thought to suggest they should consider a Lego or train table to go with the cargo bikes. There’s certainly room for it. Or there would be if there weren’t so many bikes in every available spot.

I was impressed with the womens shoe selection, too. The Shimano mountain bike shoes weren’t bad looking and the the DZR Jetlag Urban Cycling Shoes are “the first and only SPD compatible slip on.” I should probably go back a third time and try them on.

I talked to a mechanic who likes problem solving and expressed an interest in figuring out a passenger wind/rain shield. I recently discovered this great DIT: Shade and rain covers for the PeaPod LT tutorial. My PeaPod III doesn’t have the crossbar so it wouldn’t work as easily, and ideally I’d shelter both kids. However, I already own a BOB stroller rain shield and I just happened to have it in my FreeLoader so I showed it to Joe and he may already have an idea that involves tent poles and a trip to Tacoma Screw.

Heading home I discovered what I think are new BIKES WATCH FOR TURNING TRAFFIC signs on Seattle’s most dangerous block for bikes. But they might not be so new since I’ve been turning off 45th at Burke lately.

The signs in the other direction make me a little dizzy with the sideways bike icon, but it’s nice to see so much signage to protect bikes from cars. I also realized today that as far as I know, this is the only Seattle street with sharrows in the uphill direction and bike lane in the downhill direction (usually it’s the reverse). This block’s bad reputation is paying off with a lot of extra attention.

2 thoughts on “The new Recycled Cycles (from the viewpoint of a non-cyclist)

    • You may recognize it from my “Dick’s is no Burgerville” whining :)

      I got mine 50% off from the Mamasource deals site where it comes up periodically. But if you can’t wait, it’s also at REI. You might want to measure around your box with string first so you know how many you need–you might want more than one.

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